Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Travel, workouts, and interesting...

Workouts have been going great. It has been nice to be in Tempe, AZ. The weather right now is in the low 70s.

Several months ago, I booked a good deal for my flight through Southwest Airlines. Yesterday morning, I checked a bag and bike box and paid $50. I landed in Phoenix just before 1PM. I picked up my bags and bike then caught the shuttle for the rental car. I got a pretty good deal through Priceline. It was my first time using the website. A mid-size SUV cost $20 per/day. I checked into the Residence around 2:30PM. The had some major renovations last year. The hotel looks much nicer. I assembled my bike and drove toward the course.

It was a short ride with several 1 minute intervals at Olympic effort. I felt strong. The shoulders were full of debris. I was playing a video game trying to dodge glass, rocks, and crap. It was hard to see on the way back from the Beeline Highway because the sun was shining in directly into my eyes. I finished with almost 25 miles averaging 22.6mph. I drove back to the hotel and cleaned up.

I took my bike to Tribe Multisport to get it tuned up. There store is very big. They sell a lot of triathlon gear. There were several athletes on their bikes in one of the rooms. It was a definite sweat fest going on in there. I gave the mechanic my bike and knew I needed a new chain. I also found out the cassette needed to be replaced. Thanks Andres for making it easy. On my way back, I stopped at Whole Foods to grab dinner. I ate a green chili chicken breast with mozzarella pasta salad and udon noodles. I needed a snack and grabbed a bag of fig newtons.

After a good night of sleep, I walked over for breakfast. I ate a Belgian waffle with blueberries/strawberries and scrambled eggs. I washed it all down with a glass of orange juice and a coffee. I surfed the web for a bit then headed over to the race site for a run.

It was short run. The race course is 3 loops. I managed to run most of the course except 2.5miles or so. It felt so good to run in the sun. I had a few short intervals at half marathon pace. I stopped by Starbucks for an iced grande black and white peppermint mocha and a bagel with cream cheese. Yum!!!

I chilled at the hotel for awhile before driving to the pool. I have always wanted to check out Lifetime Fitness. The facility was amazing! They are so many options for working out. They have an indoor and outdoor pool. I chose outside because I need to take advantage of warm sun while I can.

The swim was only 1800 meters. After a short warm-up, I swam 2 rounds of 100 fast straight into 400 race pace (1:15-5:49 and 1:11.5-5:37). I was slower on the first one as my body was still warming up. The second was faster than anything on Monday and I averaged 1:24.25 on the 400. As I was leaving, I saw a smoothie bar. I ordered a smoothie. It was awesome.

I was craving sushi for lunch. I headed over to Whole Foods and saw a sushi bar. I walked in and asked for a sushi bowl. She didn't have it on the menu and wasn't going to try to make it. I walked over to Whole Foods and picked up sushi there. Whole Foods is becoming my home away from home. I grabbed spicy salmon avocado and spicy tuna avocado. It was definitely better than what I would have received from the restaurant next door.

I headed back to the hotel and saw a truck, Quick Fire Response Protection. I had never seen a truck like that, so thought it was interesting. That is until the guy rolls his window down to light a cigarette. Things that make you go hmmm...

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