Monday, November 14, 2011


After packing the bike yesterday, my throat started to feel a little weird. I immediately began taking Zicam. I slept really well and felt good this morning. I swam 2100 meters. The main set was 3x (100fast + 300 Ironman pace). It felt easy to hold race pace (1:13-4:19, 1:12-4:15, 1:12.5-4:13.5). The last 300 was averaging 1:24.5 per 100. I started to feel a little under the weather after the swim so back on the Zicam.

I made sure everything was in good order before leaving work. I ran for 40minutes. I took the dogs for over half of it then headed to the track for 2x800s at half marathon pace. I just missed my goal on the first one and made the second one by 2 seconds.

6 days to race day.

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