Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are you kidding me?

Friday morning I swam 4200 meters. I felt great in the water. It took very little effort to go fast. The main set was 9x200 on 3:00 descending every 3. The first 2 sets went quickly, the last was a little more challenging. My fast 3 were (2:41, 2:41, 2:39). I finished the workout in 66 minutes. I inhaled a Honey Stinger waffle then went for an easy 50 minute run. It was very windy. I assumed it was going to pour on me because the clouds were very gray. I did get somewhat lucky. It rained lightly on and off for the last 40 minutes of the run. It poured after I finished. I ended up with 6.47 miles.

Yesterday morning the weather was cold, upper 20s. There was frost on the houses. The good news was the roads were dry. The weather called for a storm around 2PM. I assumed that I could stay dry, so headed out the door at 9AM. It wasn't too cold at the start. The warm-up felt hard (I looked at my data later and realized I must have been in a head wind). The workout was 2 rounds of pacing for next weekend. I used the same strip of road so I could compare rounds. My numbers were 1% higher on the second round. The winds picked up considerably. The rain also made an appearance. My feet slowly became icicles. It felt like someone was shoving ice cubes into my socks. I only managed to average 20mph for the 45+ miles. I took off all the wet clothes and grabbed my run gear. I felt like I was running on air. The goal was to run no faster than 7:30s. First mile 7:03. Are you kidding me? It did not feel that fast. I told myself to slow down. Next mile 7:13. Really? Now I felt like I was running really slow because it felt like I was taking small steps. Last mile 7:27. Close enough. It took me a couple hours to turn my feet from white back to normal.

I headed to the pool this morning for the only workout of the day. It consisted of a warm-up, some fast 25s and a long cool down. I put up the fastest times of the year on the 14-15. It always feels so easy to swim fast after fast 25s. I did 2x400s pull on 5:40 after the 25s. I finished up with 2.5k.

The rest of the day will be spent packing and relaxing.

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