Saturday, August 7, 2010

Didn't stay dry today

The weather was kind of gloomy yesterday. I went to Titlow to swim one of my favorite sets. The pool wasn't very crowded. The staff moved the lane lines over twice because there were only 2-3 people playing and several people swimming laps.The set went by quickly. I even lapped Karen's Team.

I heard rumors of rain today. It was misting a little when I started. The workout called for a nice long warm-up and several 1 minute hard efforts. Then a few 10 minute efforts at 40k pace and finally finishing up with 45 minutes at half iron pace. There was a lot of crosswinds today. I thought I was going to luck out on the weather. As I rode through Fort Lewis the roads were wet. It dried up once I got out to the ranges. I stopped at Texaco to refuel. I was going to ride toward Johnson Creek. I noticed rain in that direction, so I re-routed and rode the same way back. Murphy's Law said, "Nice try." It started to rain as I entered Yelm. This time the roads were dry through Fort Lewis. I stopped at Forza to refuel one last time. I finished up riding to the Chamber's Bay. I felt strong today.

It started to sprinkle when I took the dogs out for some play time. After eating lunch, I took a nice nap. The rain is finally here. I know it is much needed. I hope it will be gone soon.

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