Friday, August 6, 2010

Fire in the woods

It turned out to be a nice day yesterday, sunny and in the 80s. I went for a short run in the morning. It was just short of 4.5 miles.

I could not decide what to do after work. I was kind of tired and contemplated a nap. The dogs were still panting from playing. I opted to ride. The workout was super tough. The workouts the last 2 weeks have been challenging. I think it all caught up with me. The focus was working on Max VO2. I alternated between 3 minutes at olympic distance and 2 minutes and sprint distance over and over and over... I could not get into a good rhythm. Right before I started the first one at mile 2 of the TT route, there was a fire on both sides of the road. There were firefighters trying to control the spread. I did not want to inhale too much smoke so I quickly re-routed and turned around. This also meant that I would climb the hill by the bridge twice to complete the workout. You can never ride too many hills. Right?!?!?! As I came back by the fire on the last repeat, I thought I saw Smokey the Bear. I had to do a double take, it was just me starting to bonk. I cruised home starving and ready to pass out.

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