Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have you ever tried riding your bike fast...

My upper body felt a little tired on my swim yesterday. I mixed it up with almost 2k of IM and finished up with 3.5k.

I jumped on the bike at 2:30. I had another strong ride. The QUARQ powermeter has definitely helped with pacing. After the warm up, I had 10 minute efforts at sprint distance with 5 minutes cruising four times through. I increased my power output every round. On the first repeat, I had issues with sweat running into my eyes. Have you tried riding fast with sweat filling up one eye? I felt like Popeye the Sailor man. I couldn't stands it no more, so I took off the glasses and put them in my pocket. Much better. On the second one, I had a dragonfly get trapped against my chest. I wasn't sure if he heard from the coyote, "He would be some good eatin." I stayed calm and it flew away after 5 seconds. As I was finishing #2, I saw a blur of red. This guy was moving out. I bet he was holding 270 watts. He must have been military because I did not see him again. I finished up the last 2 while riding out to the bridge and back. Then I cruised for 20 minutes. The last hard thing for the day was a 20 minute ride at Half Iron pace with several short bursts of power. The smoke was getting worse in the Time Trial area. Either that or I was starting to become delusional from all the power I was generating. It was definitely smoke. I ended the ride with a little over 55 miles. Not bad for another day of work.

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