Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hills, Hills, and more hills

I rode for 5 hours yesterday. The first hour and a half was mostly warm-up. I repeated the hill after the bridge 3 times. The first time was nice, the second ok, and the third ugh. After the bridge I had 4x20 minute efforts at Olympic distance effort. I ended up just past the Texaco for the first effort. I cruised back and refueled. I wanted to keep the ride challenging, so I rode back thru Yelm then Lewis. I refueled at Forza and then finished the last tempo. After all the tempo stuff, I rode out to Solo Point for 8 hill repeats. I could tell the 20 minute efforts zapped my legs during the first hill repeat. It did not get easier. I somehow managed to improve the power numbers. After the last one, I had 45 minutes at Half Iron effort. I was toast, burnt toast. All the work hard efforts left the tank empty. My little leggies had nothing left. Nada. Nil. Zero.  I completed the workout in 5 hours and 30 minutes and only 2 stops.

I took the dogs out for some play time. Kona looked like a major league baseball player. She caught the ball in her mouth, slid into the grass, rolled all the way over back onto her feet, then trotted back to me. It was hilarious!!!

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