Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making progress

Sunday morning I swam just under 1k. I threw in a few fast 100s before staff training. After training, I took the dogs for a run. I felt great. I made the entire run on rolling terrain. Fina was dragging after 5 miles. I think that is her magic number. As the miles continued, she drifted farther and farther back. I had to wait for her at all major turns to make sure she was still back there. I dropped the dogs off at 8.5 miles and finished up my 90 minute run. I felt really like I could hold this pace for an entire marathon. My breathing was so relaxed.

Yesterday, I swam 4.5k. My legs were a little tired from the weekend. I came up with a tough swim. The main set was a longer swim followed by 2 shorter distance swims on faster send-offs several times through. The pace I was swimming my 1000 back in the early part of the year was now my send-off for the longer swim. I guess I am making some progress.

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