Friday, April 30, 2010

The last day of April

I swam 4k in the pool this morning. The main set was 8x150 0:20, 8x100 0:15, 8x50 0:10 alternating odds easy/evens fast. I started out strong and descended each set and overall speed throughout the workout. I think the anaerobic bike workout yesterday made it a piece of cake.

I went to physical therapy a few hours ago. They did some video taping of running/movements. Then they brought the fun. WOW!!! They gave me several exercises that lasted 20-30 seconds. The time may have been short not the intensity or shear challenge of coordination. I was dripping sweat from the 40 minute workout. It was comparable to a mod from Josh's Gorilla Grotto. My therapist looked at me and said, "No girly movements." I love being called out.

Just got off the phone with Guy. He is doing well. He bought a worthy vehicle. I never understood the need for a sedan if you are going to be a triathlete/bachelor. He got a nice SUV. I think the mid life crisis is over. The need for speed has finally subsided.

I am house sitting for two days, the dogs are gonna have a blast.

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