Friday, April 23, 2010

Tough swim this morning

It was a tough swim this morning. The main set was 2x100 very fast on 1:50, 50k fast on 1:05, and 50ez on 1:30. It was repeated 7 times through. This was done in short course meters. I was swimming with a Ted, who is very strong at the 100s and below. We decided to try and get faster each round. On the last round, we were too conservative for the first 100. On the last 100, I knew he would finish strong. He did not disappoint. I led for 80 meters. He inched passed me. I dug down deep to close, but had nothing left. We both finished at 1:10. Actually 1:10.0 for Ted and 1:10.2 for me. It will be a bummer to see him leave.

I had another fun day at physical therapy. They kicked my butt today. During one of the exercises, she told me to pull my leg and my leg didnt move. I was really trying. I had a better grasp for the next few reps.

I am gonna chill for the rest of the day. Three more days and it's GO time. The sad news is I will have to train by myself on the bike. My training partner just had tests done to confirm that he is an elite athlete and way too fast for me.

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