Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday rain, Sunday sunny

I decided to catch up on sleep Saturday morning especially since the weather looked iffy. Later that morning Kona started puking, so I delayed the ride till almost 3pm. I popped in Spinerval 9.0. The rating on the DVD is 10.0 for most difficult. There were definitely parts that were tough. I felt good. Another 2 hour deposit into the cycling bank.

This morning the weather was much better. I jumped on my bike and headed out for an easy ride just over 2 hours. I quickly transitioned and grabbed the dogs. I think it was almost 60 when I started running. There wasn't a dry spot on me at the finish. It was the best run of the year so far. I was just under 9 miles for 60 minutes. Not too shabby for offseason.

In one week I begin training for KONA. It is going to be a great season!!!

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