Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last weekend of off season training

I had drinks with the fastest athlete I know Friday night. Once home, I saw a text from Karen asking if I could get Lisa and her on to post Saturday.

I can tell my body has adjusted back to getting up early on a regular basis. I am now getting up around 530am on the weekends. After breakfast and playing ball with the dogs, I changed and met up with Lisa and Karen. I dropped into Aero right after the gate. I looked back after a few miles figuring they were on my wheel. I didn't see them anywhere. Since it was my last ride before I kick it into gear, I turned around and pulled them to Johnson Creek and back. It was a tough day with the pouring rain and wind from the south. On days like these, all you can do is smile. We even saw Crowieto at the Gas Station. He was pushing some crazy watts, 1000+. Too much for me.

I felt very strong on my run this morning. It's amazing how much my running has improved over the years. There were lots of cyclists out riding.

Tomorrow the season officially starts.

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