Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amost hit by a little girl

I was going to run before the bike this morning. Instead I opted for a few more minutes of sleep. I headed out the door at 845. I was riding down McNeil. There was a little girl riding her bike a 1/4 mile ahead of me. I was getting ready to pass her when all of a sudden she decided to turn left in front of me. I had to hit the brakes. She was talking on a cell phone. The girl had to be around 10. She was so lucky, a car would've hit her.

I met up with the group at Forza just before 9. I expected more people to show up on such a beautiful day. I felt good today. I planned to only ride the 50 mile loop. W wanted to ride the 80 mile loop. I figured why not. I could just sit on his wheel and keep him company. I guess his plan was different. We rode side by side for most of Johnson creek road. I started to pull ahead before the turn. He stayed behind me as we neared the little shop. I assumed he we would ride the entire loop then refuel. I get to Texaco and he is no where to be seen. After 5 minutes, I call and text. No answer. I decide to leave after waiting 10 minutes. I go under the bridge and up the hill and he calls. He decided to stop and refuel in Bucoda. Thanks for letting me sit around and pick my nose.

I finish up and head straight home to let the dogs out. I took them to the field so they could play. Here is a picture of Kona waiting for the ball to be thrown.

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