Friday, June 25, 2010

Kaptain Karen

I write workouts for one of my athletes. Since we are about the same in swimming ability, the workout have the same send-offs. I recently learned she created a team at the pool. There are 3-5 swimmers showing up for these great workouts. She charges them a drop fee. She even makes them call her Kaptain. What kind of poop is that?

I am at a little over 15k of swimming this week. The best workout of the week was on Wednesday. Rumor has it I was swimming faster than Kaptain Karen's team. The main set was 3x250s with a 50 kick that moved each set followed by a 100 cruise on 2. The set was repeated four times. The 100 swim, 50 kick 100 swim was always harder than the other 2. Now I know why I don't like swims that make you get out and run back in for another loop.

Yesterday, I did a quick bike workout before leaving for Coeur D'Alene. My legs were a little tired on the drive over. They felt better after a few hours of sitting in the car. The drive over was super exciting. I watch a movie on the DVD player and called everyone I knew in my contact list. I didn't even use blue tooth. Just Kidding. It was super boring. I pulled into Spokane Airport with an hour to spare.

One of the athletes I coach is racing at Ironman Coeur D'Alene on Sunday. The weather forecast is low 80s, which is the opposite of the rain and cold of last year. She is in peak form and ready to drop the hammer.

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