Monday, June 7, 2010

Leading up to the Oliver

W and I had a good drive, the view of the mountains was amazing. I thought I killed a bird near Omak because I saw feathers. Luckily it was only dazed for a second then flew away. We left Lakewood at 10am and rolled into Oliver at 4pm. We picked up our race packets, ate dinner at a nearby pub, then checked into the hotel.

Saturday, we headed over to the race site for a short swim, bike, and run. It was sunny. A nice change from Washington. The water was nice. We thought a swimmer was off in the distance. It was a huge carp. The athlete guide said there was a possibility of jumping fish. We were now believers. We rode the northern loop and the biggest hill. On the way back I flatted. Thank goodness Jared was carrying his fanny pack. I forgot my CO2 adapter. After the bike we went out for a short run. I felt really good. We ate lunch at the local bistro. The food was good. We tried to get an espresso at the shop next door. It was not a good sign when the barista asked how to make an iced Americano. We went back to the hotel and cleaned our bikes. We dropped the bikes off at the race site and went back to the same pub for dinner. I ate a pasta with a spicy tomato sauce and grilled chicken breast. It was delicious two days in a row.

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