Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

I assumed my swim would be hard this morning because of the long weekend of training. The main set was 4x (200fast on 2:50 + 300 pace on 5:20). The purpose was to start out fast like you would in the race then settle into your pace. I felt really good on this set. The first one felt good. On the second one, I went faster on the 200. The 300 was the same speed. I switched it up for the third one. I backed off a little on the 200 and ended up 2 sec/100 faster for the 300. I went slower on the fourth 200 and was 1 sec/100 faster for the 300. What should I do for the race this weekend? Hmmm...

I just finished a 7mile run. After a good warm up, I threw in several pick ups to get the legs moving. Kona decided how fast we were going to run. If she felt good, we ran low 5 minute pace. If she wasn't in the mood, we ran 6 minute pace. Nothing like trying to run fast when your dog is going to act like a weight. It was a good run. I was glad to miss the rain. They are predicting lots of rain for the next few days. :-(

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