Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun swim this morning

There was a rumor floating around that a staff member was as fast if not faster than me. I asked her is she wanted to do some 200s today. She jumped in during the middle of my first set. I told her to warm up 400 and she could start the second set with me. It was 3x200 on 3:00, 2:50, 2:40. I wanted to descend the set, so my first one was 2:45. She was over 30meters behind. I pushed off for #2 and she was at least 12 meters from the wall. I finished up the set and saw her sitting on the side. I asked what happened. She didn't understand the set. I started my last set of 3x200s on 3:20. I wanted the last 200 to be the fastest one of the day. She didn't make the first one again. I finished with a strong swim at the end. She told me later, "It wasn't her day." She would be ready to swim with me next time. The workout totalled 3.9k.

I received my new race suit from Oomph. It looks awesome!!! I can't wait to race in it!!!

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