Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting ready for Vineman

After coffee with Guy yesterday, I went for a run near the beach. Have you ever tried running with a dog? How about 3? I wasn't sure what Indy got in to, but he stopped twenty times. He definitely did not like the 30 second pickups. Kona was leading the pack, then me, Fina, and Indy pulling up the rear. Several people commented on the pretty dogs. My only response, "They get their good looks from me." ;-) I let the dogs run on the beach at the end of the run. Kona taunted Indy. Fina was not happy with Kona's arrogance, so she was in the chase. Three dogs sprinting down the beach. Kona looking at the other 2, "Catch me if you can!!!" All I could do was laugh.

I drove back to Casa d'Thiel to refuel and get ready for my bike ride. I rode along the coast. I did not want my workout to get interrupted so I looped an 8 mile section three times. Do you ever have to worry about cars slowing you down? It only happened twice, so I wasn't too frustrated. At one point, I passed 6 cars and left them in the dust. The speed limit was 10mph :-)

I finished up the ride and refueled again for the last workout of the day. Guy and Bi333y decided to join me at the outdoor pool. I usually try and complete the workouts in order, but sometimes it just isn't an option. The main set was 12x100 on 1:30 descend every 3. It was hard to see the clock, but still managed to stay on task.

I was starving after the long day. Guy and I headed to a local pub. The food was mediocre. There was a frozen yogurt place around the corner. It was awesome. They had several flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings. The price was .45 per ounce. I loaded my bowl up with vanilla yogurt, heath bar, butterfinger, almonds, and caramel. I think it is a must when in Monterey!

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