Friday, July 2, 2010

Headin to Cali to ride Vineman course

Yesterday, I swam at lunch time. The main set was 4x (200bk on 3:20 + 150fr on 2:20 + 100bk on 1:35 + 50fr on 1:15) descending each round. Surprisingly, I swam well considering the hard swim from Wednesday. I descended each set and finished up with 4k.

I headed out around 4pm for a short ride of 28+ miles. The focus of the workout was VO2. The set consisted of several high efforts. I goal was to work at 135%+. I made the first three. A gorilla jumped on my back and would not get off for the last 3. I ended up missing the last three. No matter how short the distance pacing is so important. The first one had the highest wattage. Then it was all downhill.

This morning I swam one of my favorite sets. The main set was 50x50 odds ez on 55, evens fast on 40. Last time I did the set in yards, today it was SCM. I felt good for the first twenty, the next twenty I felt slightly nauseous, and the last 10 my muscled started to fatigue. I dug deep, all the way to the bottom of the ocean and finished the set holding speed.

After work, I am driving down to Cali to ride the Vineman course. It will be fun!!!

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