Friday, July 23, 2010

Recovering nicely

It was a long drive back from Monterey on Monday. I left at 4:15AM and arrived back to my house a little after 8PM. Traffic was good until Portland. I was tempted to park the car and get on my bike at that point. My average speed was 7mph for 30 minutes.

I swam an easy 2k Tuesday. My legs were a little tired. I normally take a big jump into the pool, not this time. I think my jump was as far as a 3 year old, 3 inches from the side. I dropped my LYNSKEY off at Triumph, so they could send it back. Russell Stevenson was kind enough to let me use his TT bike. If you want the best fitter in the area, he is the guy. I have been fit by three different people and he was hands down the best.

On Wednesday, I felt pretty good on my first short run of the week. Fina does not like running on leash in the heat. Later in the day I swam 3.5k. I felt better in the water. The main set gradually built up by decreasing rest and increasing speed.

I don't know where the sun decided to go yesterday. It was windy and cloudy, no sun. I ran a little longer. My speed is coming back. I am almost fully recovered. In the afternoon I went for a 2.5 hour bike. I could not shift into the big chain ring. I guess my body did not want to ride too hard.

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