Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here comes the heat

I stop at a huge field to let the dogs play before I swam. Kona was running so fast. She tried to plant her feet and ended up rolling over twice. It was hilarious. A nice visual before the swim.

I have been swimming really well. Yesterday I swam 4.6k. The main set was 3x (300p + 2x150 + 200p + 2x100 + 100 cruise). I descended all times every round. It was nice to have the day off and relax.

This morning I swam 3.2k. The main set was free mixed with fly. 2x50 fly on 50 was hard. I thought the lifeguard was going to jump in and save me. My arms were controlled by a puppet master. I could barely get them out of the water near the end of the second 50.

I went for a ride at 3pm. The weather was sunny and mid to upper 70s. The main set was a hard 12 mile effort. It was so windy. There was a 2 mile section where i was averaging 15.7 mph and pushing 200 watts. I kept looking behind me to see if someone tied a rope to my bike. I felt like I was pulling someone or something. I was shocked to see I averaged over 21mph for 48 miles.

I went to Costco to try and pick up a portable AC unit that was there yesterday. No dice. All of the stores were out. What will I do?

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