Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Monterey

I am back in Monterey hanging out with Guy and Elizabeth until my race on Sunday. My glutes are a little sore from all the sitting yesterday. Maybe a little from the bike ride yesterday. This week was super short. My recovery was quick.

On Sunday, I had staff training. We had all staff go through the requirements for the NW Lifeguard certification. Nothing like trying to sprint a 50 head up crawlstroke a day after the race and 2 young swimmers on both sides of you. After that we had a 100 rescue swim. The first lap was towing a victim on their back with a rescue tube. The next length was a cross chest carry with no tube. The third length was a straight arm push in the victim's armpit. The last length after a 3 second break was no breath back to the wall. I'm glad there was O2 available. I started to see illusions of Michael Jackson in front of me. Later in the day I went for an easy 90 minute ride.

Monday I swam an easy 2.4k. I swam 3x800s, kept it simple.

I had great workouts on Tuesday. I swam 4k in the morning. I swam the same set last week and improved considerably. I took it up another notch and made both send offs faster. I was a little surprised since I raced on Saturday. I guess I am recovered. After work I went for a 2 hour bike ride. The workout focus was pacing for the race this weekend. It felt windy out there. It was my fastest training ride of the year so far. I switched out gear and took the dogs for a brick run. Again I felt really good. After the workouts, I ate then got everything ready for my race.

The drive was good yesterday. I tried to stop more to keep the dogs happy. Every once in awhile, Kona would start digging for China. I would start laughing and you would dig harder. Too funny!!! There really wasn't anything too exciting on the drive. It hit 100 in Redding. Even Kona did not like the heat. I stopped more on this trip and still made it in at the same time. I even back tracked to stop at Bad Ass Coffee in Medford, OR.The dogs were happy to see Indy. They played for the next 3 hours.

I can't believe I left warm Washington for Cold California. Sad, sad, sad.

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