Thursday, January 27, 2011

big dogs - round 2

Tuesday morning I went out for a short run. I left the dogs inside the kennel this time. After work, I hopped on the trainer. The workout had several very hard efforts. I tried to maintain my power for the entire set. After the second one, the power shifted lower until the last one.

Yesterday morning, I had a great swim. I repeated a workout from a couple weeks ago. I improved my speed by 4 seconds per 100. I had a long day scheduled at work, so I went home for a 3 hour break. I walked in the house and smelled poop. I guess the pills Kona got into on Monday were working through her system. I dragged the kennel to the bathroom. I felt bad for Fina. Nothing like having poop crusted in your fur. I washed both dogs and cleaned the kennel. I was getting ready to take the dogs out for a run. Guess what was at the bottom of the steps in front of the door? POOP. At least it was by the door. Unfortunately, she pooped on my shoes too. She also tried to make it back up the stairs, but stopped at the second step for another round. I finally get everything cleaned up and head out for a run. It was partly sunny, a nice change from the normal weather of January. Kona had to make a couple more 3 minute stops. After the run, I had phone calls from work. I cut my break short and head back to work. I didn't get home until almost 10pm. What a long day!

This morning I ran nice and easy. I wanted to make sure I allowed my body enough recovery from the long Wednesday.

I was throwing the ball with the dogs. Kona ran after a ball. I saw a Husky and Rhodesian Ridgeback run in the distance. Kona sprinted back. She dropped the ball and was back in her kennel in 5 seconds flat. Nothing like being chased by a 80 & 110 pound dog to get your adrenaline kicking. No bites today.

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