Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fina bitten

I felt a little sluggish in the pool this morning. The main was a lot of 100s descending in groups of four on short rest.

I went for a run after work. It was sunny and 47. The dogs were running well and we were cruising along. I turned onto the gate road and saw a guy walking his 2 dogs. No big deal. As I get closer, he hears me then tries to call his dogs over. No luck. A german shepherd ran straight to Fina. He bit her. It was craziness. I was trying to keep Fina and Kona away from his dogs. He grabbed the german shepherd. The other dog looked like a pit mix was hovering around Kona. I kept trying to spin around to keep the dog away. Fina was so freaked out she slipped out of her collar and started heading for the woods. The guy finally got a hold of the other dog. Kona and Fina were shaking. I noticed Fina had a gash in her shoulder. The guy asked which vet I was taking the dogs to so he could call and pay the bill. My initial thought was yeah right. As I was walking home, I got his license plate just in case. I took the dogs to the vet. Kona was fine. Fina needed a couple of staples. Nothing too serious. The guy actually called and gave his credit card to pay the bill. I was a little surprised. It is good to know some people take responsibility for their pets.

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