Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weird pain under my armpit

I started have a weird pain in my armpit. I can't figure out what caused the pain. It hasn't affected my run and bike workouts. I don't think I will swim tomorrow to give it the area a few days of rest.

I felt good on the run this morning. Kona was still traumatized from her dog attack yesterday. She kept looking back behind her shoulder. At one point during the run, she stopped and tucked her tail. I couldn't figure out what spooked her. When I got back Fina was sitting at the top of the stairs with her two paws hanging over the step. She looked so sad. I felt bad. Vet said no running.

After work, I jumped on the trainer for another tough workout. My numbers were 4% lower than last week. It's amazing how adding two more repeats can make the workout that much tougher.

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