Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crowieto eyes are failing him

After our second breakfast, I set up my race wheels with new tubes and tires. I had to replace the rim tape on one wheel. Good thing I am doing the wheel inspection now. Race wheels are race ready. Check!

Finally, Crowieto is starting to listen to me. His bike computer has been on the fritz. The company was supposed to send out a new one before the race. He found out today that it will be delivered the day after the race. In true bendoverandgrabhisanklesfashion, he tried to use the force. This means throw it at the wall a few times and stare at it until it works. The force is weak in him. I suggested he call Trisports, since they are a local company. He got them to send one to the hotel. Who says u cant teach a dumb dog better things or is it an old dog, same difference.

We went to lunch at Ra Sushi near ASU. We both ordered a sushi bowl with different ingredients. It was awesome. The best part of the meal was when Crowieto thought he was biting into a big piece of Avocado. He definitely had the color right, green. It was Wasabi. Nothing like watchin a grown man cry. I started laughing so hard that I almost spit a mouthful at him. This is the second time his eyes are failing him. I think he needs glasses.

We picked up a few things for dinner at Costco. Chicken and sweet potatoes. Yum!!!

Another chillaxin evening.

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