Thursday, November 19, 2009

I didn't sleep as well last night. Probably because I didn't have any workouts yesterday.

We got in line for some ART right before the swim. The guy I had was much more knowledgeable. He worked on me for 15 minutes. Crowieto did not fare as well. His guy was in training, so the ART lasted a whopping 2 minutes.

I swam in the canal. The water was a nice 64 degrees. I swam 15 minutes out and turned around. This drunk ran into me in the first 100 meters. Actually, it was Crowieto.

We got on the bikes and headed out. There was a headwind out on Beeline Highway. The good news about that was the tailwind coming back. We were flying. Our speed stayed above 28mph. Our overall time was 1 minute faster than Tuesday. Average speed for 1 loop was 23.3mph.

We quickly transitioned out for a run. I started out a little fast because Crowieto was next to me. Once I tuned him out and slowed the pace down a few seconds I felt much better. I stayed nice and aerobic. I ran for 34 minutes.

It was a good day.

We rushed back to the hotel and showered up. We picked up Guy at the airport. He was waiting for his bags. We yelled at him, but he couldn't figure out where the voices were coming from. It's probably due to the fact he has too many cousins coming out of the woodworks.

We went to lunch for some more sushi. Good stuff. Then over to pick up our race packets. The rest on the night will be low keyed.

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