Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A day of sun and mid 70s

I wanted to get up around 6am on Tuesday. My body did not. I slept in and went straight to the pool for an easy 2000m. It's great to swim outdoors in a 25m pool. I only wish the pool was a few degrees cooler. I felt better than my swim on Sunday. We quickly changed and headed back before breakfast ended. Crowieto actually managed to eat before, so he got 2 breakfasts.

We chilled for a couple hours before our ride. We rode a loop of the course. Last year it took us 1 hour 45 minutes. This year we were 7 minutes faster. There was even some dude who caught up to us at a light and asked, "Are you guys pros?" I said we were just out riding at race pace. He was like WOW. We kind of laughed. The biggest thing to remember here is DRINK. My mouth was dry. I almost finished 2 bottles of fluid.

I got cleaned up. Crowieto headed over to the pharmacy. I figured he was going to grab an item. I didn't know he was going grocery shopping. I was ready to gnaw my arm off. We hit up KFC. I finished my entire meal as he was starting his second chicken breast. He looks at me and asks, "Were you hungry or somethin?"

We headed over to Whole Foods. We grabbed stuff for chicken spaghetti.

We watched "The Goods: Live hard, sell hard". It was a stupid/funny movie. More stupid than anything else. What do you expect when Crowieto picks the movie.

I cooked us up some dinner. The rest of the night kicked the feet up and relaxed.

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