Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where or where is the computer cord...

Crowieto has been searching for the computer cord for the last 2 days. He asked his better half to check because he thought he left it at the house. She couldn't find it. This morning I decide to kind of peek in his room. He said, "I already searched everywhere. You ain't gonna find it." I decided to search anyway. Everyone knows what's coming next. First I saw some stained drawers. I quickly moved away from the contaminated area. I saw his suitcase in the closet. I found it in his suitcase, outside compartment. He was in complete disbelief. I think Crowieto needs to get his eyes checked. He said there wasn't anything in there.

I don't have any workouts planned today, so I am gonna chill. We might catch a movie.

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