Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last few workouts before heading out…

What a busy week! It seemed like every time I wanted to be somewhere, I was always delayed. UGH! On Tuesday, I had the hardest ride of the year for me. It was only 3 ½ hours, but felt like a 5 hour ride. The winds were relentless. Whenever I thought there would be a reprieve from the wind, it was only a dream. It seemed like the wind was testing me. All I could do was laugh. I laughed a lot during the ride. It was a little bit easier on the second half, but not much.

I had a strong run Wednesday morning. I warmed up for a 3 miles, ran 6 at tempo, then 2 ez. I met up with the McCurleys for breakfast. Nothing like being hungry and you wait 35 minutes for an order to be taken then wait another 45 for food. Crowieto and I headed up to Triumph to drop off our bikes.
I love taper time. Especially, when you know you have done the work. I went and picked up the bikes. On a whim I decided to something extreme. Some of you will have to wait and see.

Friday morning I swam 2500. The swim felt okay. I jumped on the trainer afterward and completed Chris Carmichael’s (Lance Armstrong’s coach) Time-trial DVD. I was surprised at how tired my legs were while sitting at work later that morning. Later in the afternoon, I hit the track for six miles. A little bit of speed stuff. Afterward, I took the dogs to the vet. The vet said they are healthy. She also wished me good luck with Kona. Her personality is the opposite of Fina. I got everything packed and tidied up the place.

Luckily, Jess was willing to watch the dogs. Actually we traded services. I wrote her a running plan for the Boston marathon. She may not want to have anything to do with me after a week and half. I hope they are good for her.

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