Wednesday, November 4, 2009

He who laughs last, laughs best

On Monday, I could tell my legs were tired from the weekend. The number one sign is the walk down the stairs to drive to the pool. I figured my swim was going to be rough. I swam 6100 yards. The main set was 3x1200 descend 400's. I actually had a great workout. Even though my body was telling me one thing, my mind decided that was unacceptable. Karen actually swam all 3 too. I think it's one of the longest workouts she has done all year.

I was hoping to start my ride around lunch time on Tuesday, but work wasn't cooperating. I finally got out on the bike around 2:30. The weather was low to mid 50's. The wind has really picked up the last few weeks. I am not sure which is worse, hills or into a head wind. The main focus was 3x(2' hard, 15"ez, 2'hard, 15"ez, 12' hard, 2.5'ez). I felt good. I decided not to run off the bike. My knee did not bother me. That's the first time in several weeks.

I had a great swim Wednesday morning. The main set was 3x(3x200) followed by 9x100 descend every 3. I descended each set and progressively got faster during the workout. I had a "broke joker" in my lane. He decided to try and start 10 yards in front of me on the fastest 200 in each set. My favorite part was he would only swim 150 yards. He even shouted, "I won, you lose." That's ok. He who laughs last, laughs best. The last 200 of the set, I caught him at 125. I don't think he counted on me swimming my fastest 200 by 5 seconds. He also tried to swim on my feet during the cool down. I hope he decides to draft off me. I think he will be in for a special treat.

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