Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another double swim...

Monday, I swam an easy 2k. It felt good to loosen the legs up after the run Sunday.

Tuesday morning I ran 30 minutes easy. After work and a nap, I headed out for a workout on the bike. The set was 4x(10' + 3' cruise). I was very consistent in holding my power. I chose not to look at the watch and go by feel. There was no more than a few watts difference for all 4. My average speed for all 4 repeats was 24.6mph.

Yesterday I swam 2.8k. It was the same speed workout I did a few weeks ago, 50 very very fast followed several 25s easy. My average was about a second slower than last time. It was a long day at work. I finally got to the track around 5PM. The main set was 1000s with 400 recovery jogs. I almost forgot about the the pouring rain. It always makes the workout so much better. I love running through puddles on the track. It was the third time to do this workout. I did not do as well as last time but better than the first time. After the workout, it felt like another double swim day.

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