Saturday, May 7, 2011

lead legs + easy workouts = feeling great

My legs are toast after 2 weeks of tough training. BAM! Legs turned into lead weights. Nothing a few days of recovery can't fix.

Monday morning, I swam an easy 2k.

Tuesday morning I ran 30 minutes nice and easy. After work and a nap, a nice easy bike ride.

Wednesday, I swam 2.7k. The main set was 15x100 on 1:40 descending every 3. After work I took the dogs for an easy 45 minute run. It was sunny and mid 60's.

Thursday, I snuck in an easy bike ride before the rain. My legs felt great afterward.

Yesterday, I swam 3.4k just before lunchtime. The main set was 6x200 on 3:00 descending every 3 and a 600 pull right after. It's amazing how great swimming feels when your body isn't broken down. After work, I had a 45 minute run with a good portion at 6:45 pace.

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