Friday, May 27, 2011

The clock told me...

This morning I did some pace work in the pool for the race next week. I thought I was swimming at a decent speed during the warm-up. The clock told me it was slow. UGH!!! I thought no big deal. I went into 3x500s and ascended my times. There was a gorilla on my back for the last one as my time slowed down 19 seconds from the second 500. I finished with a couple fast 50s. They weren't too fast, but that's all I had in the tank. I finished with 2.9k.

I lucked out with my run and somehow managed to run with sun almost the entire duration. I did 6.6 miles of tempo work in prep for next weekend. This workout did not feel great either. The bike workout from yesterday is still kicking my butt. I finished up with a little less than 10 miles in 70 minutes.

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