Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dang tailwind

I headed out this morning for a 3 hour ride. I failed at the intervals (few minutes at Olympic effort then several minutes at half iron pace) last week. My legs were fairly rested, so I expected to execute accordingly. I was also mentally prepared for the rain today. I used to ride a fairly easy route. The back half was mostly downhill and usually had a tailwind. I am not a fan of 150+ rpms to generate power. There was a head wind going out to the turnaround. I nailed my first interval. I actually stayed dry until Ranier. It has poured in that area 2 consecutive weekends. A quick stop to change out the empty bottle. I nailed the second interval. The last interval was a little harder because of the tailwind on the way back. Even with a 1+ minute stop at the light, I averaged 23.4mph on the last interval. I finished the day with 64 miles at 21.1 mph. Once home, I changed out of my muddy wet clothes and headed out for a short run. It is getting easier to run off the bike.

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