Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last long workout before Kona 70.3

I wasn't sure if I was going outside to ride because the forecast called for rain. I woke up at 5:21AM and saw the roads were dry. I ate breakfast and chilled out on the couch for a couple hours before heading out. I knew I was rolling the dice because of all the grey clouds in the sky. I decided to take my rain vest just in case. I ended up not even needing it.

The workout felt hard. My legs are tired. Every time I got out of the saddle, my quads felt like bricks. After almost 54 miles, I jumped off the bike for a quick run. I settled right into pace. I have to remember to carry more nutrition if I am going to ride without a stop. I was starving after the workout. This is the last long workout before Kona.

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