Friday, May 13, 2011

legs zapped...

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a challenging workout. The main set was 10x (2' + 2'). It was a tough set. On one of them I averaged 30+ mph. It is hard to generate power with a huge tailwind. I made sure I finished the last few into the nasty head wind. My legs were zapped at the end.

This morning I swam 4.4k in 70 minutes. The main set was 4x500 on 7:40. I felt good on #1, great on #2, ok on #3, and horrible on #4. I thought I was going really slow. My time showed, I had only slowed down 1 second per 100.

After work, I quickly went out for 6.3 mile run. Most of it was tempo work focusing on Kona 70.3. The best part it was gorgeous outside. Sunny!!! Kona was not happy with me on the last one. I think she wanted to stop 30 seconds early. I encouraged her to stay with me, almost done.

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