Sunday, July 31, 2011

Federal Way Escape

I arrived at the race site 90 minutes before the start. It was plenty of time to pick up my packet, set up my gear, warm-up, and have a few minutes to chill. I put on XTERRA VENDETTA and headed to the water.

SWIM - 5:24 watch (5:32 including run up to mat)
I ran into a swimmer, who was on a few of the all-star teams I coached, before the start while warming-up. I lined up for a straight shot to the first buoy. At the start there were a few people in front of me and around me. I tried to build the effort to the first buoy and then keep it strong the rest of the race. I turned right at the second/last buoy. I tried to sight with no avail. I was completely blinded. I thought it was my time and was heading to the light. I tried to make a line back to shore. I saw 2 swimmers going way left. I wasn't sure if I picked the wrong line or them. It ended up being them. I was still unsure, so I started swimming toward them until I could see the exit. I ran out and saw the 2 guys ahead of me. I grabbed my LYNSKEY and passed one before I left transition.

BIKE - 31.12
I saw the guy who was in first just ahead of me. I tried to keep him in sight, but couldn't. I was having trouble getting my breathing under control. It took a full loop before I felt better. There was a guy who would pass me on the hills and I would pass back on the flats. He ended up being a former swimmer on the club I use to coach. I entered transition in second. I quickly racked the green machine and put on my NEWTONS.

RUN - 20:08
I started the run with a stitch on my right side. I was passed by a guy in the first mile. It took me 2 miles to get rid of the stitch. I finished 3rd overall.

16 weeks to Arizona

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