Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still missing...

Yesterday I jumped on the bike after work. The main set was 5'@ Olympic + 3' recovery, four times through. I felt okay. I looked at my numbers after the workout and noticed I need to do a better job of pacing. I am working too hard in the first couple of minutes. My numbers were a more consistent as the workout progressed.

I took a lunch break and headed to the pool for 2.1k. The water was nice, 74 degrees. I am still missing something. I swam 9x100 on 1:35 descending every 3. I didn't have the feel in the water that I normally have. After work, I took Kona on a 30 minute easy run. The temp was in the low 80's. Kona was dragging after the first few minutes, so I let her run off leash to my left. She was pretty good about listening. That was until we ran into a couple of dogs (German Short-haired Pointer & unknown). She ran into the woods and hid. I coaxed her out after 5 minutes. We finished up and she was very tired. Heat may be her kryptonite.

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