Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who put the brick wall there?

It was a very busy morning at work yesterday. I had several projects due. I finished them all. I snuck away at lunch time for a swim. I tried to get around a vehicle parked in the middle of the road. I pulled forward and knew I couldn't make it. I started to reverse and hear scraping. My bumper is being pulled off by a brick wall. Who put the brick wall there? I really thought I had more room. UGH!!! I decided to go off road to get around the vehicle.

I was glad the pool was on the cold side, upper 70s. I needed to get out some frustration out. I finished with 3.2k and averaged 1:26.99999 on the 2000. I grabbed a few zip ties and fixed the bumper so it was drivable. Thanks Karen and Lisa!

After work, I grabbed Kona for some tempo work. The temperature was in the mid 70's. I adjusted my route, so Kona could run off-leash. I ended up running 30 minutes at sub 6:45. It felt really easy. I finished with just under 7 miles (6.99).

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