Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pity Party Over

I was down in the dumps early in the week. I was very frustrated with the fact that I haven't raced well this season. If you were to look at the training log, you would expect otherwise.

I swam an easy 1k on Monday. I rode easy for 1 hour on Tuesday. Nothing on Wednesday.

Thursday morning, I ran an easy 30 minutes before work. I felt okay. Kona looked happy to be running early. After work, I headed out for some interval work on the bike. The Quarq died 5 minutes into the ride, so no power numbers for the day. I based everything on effort. The workout was 1 minute at a very hard effort with 30 seconds of recovery then 6 minutes at Olympic pace with 2.5 minutes of recovery, eight times through. I know speed is not an indication of the difficulty of the workout, but I managed to average 22.4mph for 90 minutes.

Friday morning, I swam 3.55k. The focus of the workout was quality, 50s & 100s very fast with lots of recovery. I averaged 31s for the 50s and 1:09s for the 100s. After work, I got lucky and managed to sneak in a dry run. The workout was 8 minutes at half-iron pace with 3 minutes recovery, four times through. I felt ok on the run. It was a little humid and I was completely soaked at the end.

I worked the triathlon Saturday morning. I was planning on riding, but did not feel great. I was going to take a short nap and then head out. Two hours later, I decided it would be best to skip the workout and let my body rest.

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