Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I headed out at 8AM on Saturday to do some pace work for the half coming up. The main set was 5'@ olympic effort then right into 25'@ half effort with 15' of recovery three times through. I was consistent all the way through the workout. I had a weird cramp along the groin. After a short stop to stretch out the leg, I was good to go. Now that the summer is here, I will start carrying SUCCEED Salt tabs during training. I averaged 21.7mph for the 66 mile ride. I drank some coke before heading out for a short run. I did not feel great on the run. I had to walk a few times. At one point, I stumbled and almost fell over. I was completely zapped at the end.

I took Sunday off. Yesterday, I headed to the pool for 4000+ yards of swimming. I felt okay.

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