Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday morning I swam 3.2k. I felt good, but not great. The main set was 300 + 150 + 2x100 + 50 three times through. The base send off increased as the distance decreased. I was consistent through out.

After work, I cleaned the bike and then took a nap. The bike was still dirty from the race. I didn't want to spend several minutes switching out wheels and tires, so I decided to ride the race wheels. It was humid with lots of clouds. It looked like there was a good chance of rain. I felt good on the ride, up until mile 38. I saw a blur on the road. I missed it with the front tire, the back tire hit it hard. I hear the sound of air whooshing out of the tire. I stop to change out the flat. I had the new tube in the wheel. I go to inflate and air is not going into the tube. One cartridge down and one to go. This time I make sure I have everything snug. Same outcome, nothing. UGH!!! I am near the Texaco station in Ranier and it is 5:00PM. Who do I call? Ghostbusters were busy, but luckily my brother wasn't. What a total bummer! I was supposed to ride 3 hours. This is what I get for being lazy and not washing the bike and switching out the wheels after the race. Lesson learned.

I haven't inflated the race wheels with the new adapters, so this was good practice. It is better to have issues on training day, so that you know how to overcome on race day.

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