Thursday, September 16, 2010

A typical day in Warshington

I had a another great swim this week. Yesterday I set personal best for 200m free twice. I was very surprised. The main set was a 200 fast followed by 6x100 pace on short rest then 200 cruise. I went through that twice. I decided to add one last 200 and see if I could go any faster. I was almost 4 seconds faster.

After my yummy mocha frappe from McDonalds, I took a nice 1 hour nap. I did not want to get up. My eyes were telling me to go back to sleep. I knew if I did then I wouldn't run. I grabbed Kona and took her for a 12+ mile run. We started in the rain, a typical day in Washington. The rain was intermittent, so it was kind of refreshing. I didn't take Fina because she went for a long walk earlier. I lost 2.5lbs of water weight. Have you ever tried to eating after drinking 32 ounces of water/recovery drink? Needless to say I could only eat a small portion of my dinner. I ate 2 more dinners throughout the night.

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