Thursday, September 9, 2010

The good, bad, and surprising

I thought I was going to have a great swim yesterday morning because of my warm-up was fast. This was one of those days that start well and go down the toilet very quickly. I think my heart was trying to jump out of my chest on the first round of 100s, 300, and 100. I decided to back off and just finish. Once I got to the last round. I took a minute rest and tried to swim fast. Surprisingly I was 3:53 for a 300. I did not have the endurance to swim fast with short rest, but mustered out a good 300. I finished up with 4.5k.

After work, I took nap. I fell asleep to the dogs playing. Kona somehow landed on top of me. Dead center bulls eye. I tried to swat at her, but she went into matrix mode and I missed. She went into the kennel to hide. I told her it was okay and she came out. I fell asleep for almost an hour. I woke up and could not find Kona. She was sleeping on my bed. That was a first.

It was time for a run. The weather stayed dry, so I was happy. I made a looping course on the trails. Fina is happy running at 7:15 pace. For an experiment I picked up the pace. Sure enough, she started lagging behind. Kona was having so much fun during the run. At one point she was sprinting and jumping at branches. We finished up with a little over 8 miles.

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