Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pluggin along

It rained Monday night.

I swam 3.5k yesterday morning. It was a lot of kicking and IM swimming. I felt so so. After work, I went home for a nap. I did not want to get up. My motivation for riding was super low. I slapped myself around and finally got up.

I headed out for a 3 hour bike ride. I noticed there was very little wind and a lot of humidity. The workout focus was on improving endurance/FTP. I had to change my route a couple of times because of traffic. Mental note, start earlier. No naps at 2:30PM. It was a good workout. I averaged 22+mph. My wattage was a 2% higher than Saturday. Probably because I couldn't draft off anyone except my imaginary friend.

It is raining again today.

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