Monday, September 6, 2010

Running hills

Yesterday, I hit the pool for an easy 2k. I assumed it would be a hard swim because my legs were tired from the ride.

I went for a run at 1PM. The dogs were super excited since they haven't run for over a week. I headed out to the trails for some hills. Lots and lots of hills. Short gradual hills, long gradual hills, short steep hills, and my favorite long gradual hill with a short steep crest (my slowest mile of the run). There is a even a water source for the dogs to cool off. Fina has figured out the run routes. She will stop and wait for me to turn around. Every once in awhile I change it up and she will sprint to catch up. She does not like to run over an hour. I dropped the dogs off 75 minutes into the run. I finished up the rest of the run on pavement. I managed a little over 17 miles in 2hours.

I drove south to visit with the family. My niece wanted to throw the ball for the dogs. My nephew was watching us and smiling. They are very cute. The rest of the day entailed legs elevated and chillaxin.

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