Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kona is fast!!!

Swimming fast without effort was much easier than yesterday. It required a solid effort. The main set was 3x100 on short rest followed by a 100 fast then 100 cruise, 3 times through. I some how mustered enough strength to descend the fast 100s. I finished up with 4.2k.

After work and a short nap, I took Kona out for a run. I knew Fina would not be able to run because she got in a long walk earlier. My legs felt a little heavy when I started. I stayed on the trails. Kona took off at one of the turn-a-rounds. She was gone like a cheetah chasing antelope. It was at least 3 minutes before she came back looking for me. The look she gave me was hurry up slow poke. I threw in several short bursts of speed and finished up with almost 8.5 miles.

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