Friday, September 10, 2010

No nap, have to beat the rain?

I planned on taking a nap yesterday after work. I didn't really feel tired and the roads were still dry. I quickly got everything ready and headed out the door. No nap, I have to beat the rain.

After a long warm-up, I started several 2 minute hard efforts. The 1st & 3rd were a few watts over the goal. All the rest were a little under. I also had a low number that would end the repeats. No, it's not because I am looking for a way out of the workout. If you drop out of the zone then that energy system is no longer being worked. It helps you train smarter. I was close to the low once. Only because it is super hard to keep the watts high in a tailwind. After the last one, there was a short recovery spin. Then straight into a 20 minute tempo ride. I felt strong. I have done similar workouts in the past and fell apart on the tempo ride. I finished the workout with 43 miles, just under 22mph.

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