Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 weeks til AZ

I did not feel good during the warm-up in the pool Friday morning. Surprisingly, I swam as fast as the previous Fridays. I finished up with 3800 meters. I was short on time after work, so no nap for me. I took the dogs for 20 minutes, then headed to the track for mile repeats. I felt sluggish during the repeats. I descended the first three. My right quad was super tight, so I skipped the last repeat. I quickly rinsed off and headed to physical therapy for a short session. Then I was off to the bike shop. A part of my head set cracked and the replacement was ready for installation. That is until they tried to take off the fork. There was so much corrosion in the headset, that the entire head set had to be replaced. It sucks being a heavy sweater. I was very thankful to Rich for taking the time to fix the bike. He rigged the cables, so I could get through the weekend.

Yesterday, I woke up at 4:30AM. I felt completely rested, so I got up. No reason to lay in bed and stare at the dogs. I headed out at 7:40AM for a long bike ride. It was cold, 39 degrees. I was glad to grab my ear warmers. It was cold and gray for the entire ride. The first section of the ride went through Fort Lewis, then to Spanaway and back. I started the intervals on the way back. I nailed my numbers on the first one. I missed my target on the second one. There was nothing in the tank. My quads were feeling very tight every time I tried to get out of the saddle. After 80+ miles, I stopped to top of the bottles and eat a snickers bar. After a few miles, I started to feel a little light headed. I thought about calling my brother to pick me up. The feeling was short-lived, so I finished up. I ended up with 102+ miles with an average of 20.5mph. I quickly transitioned for a short run. I felt great on the run. The effort was low and I got into ironman effort after a few minutes. My brother and went to run a few errands. He said I looked like crap. I totally felt like it.

I did not get out out of bed til 6:55AM. I normally wake up around 5AM. My body was tired. I was moving slow all morning. I rode with the girls for just over an hour. I rode the rest of the ride at ironman pace. I felt so much better than yesterday. I ended up with 56+minutes averaging 21.5 mph. After I few hours of chilling, I headed out for a run. It took me a few miles to loosen up. I settle into my ironman pace after 4 miles and felt strong. I rinsed off and headed to the pool for an easy 1k of swimming. My legs felt tired.

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